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Armour Canned Meats
Advertising's value (1939)
Alka Seltzer (shopper's fatigue)
Alka Seltzer (missing work)
Baby Ruth Candy Bars
Bell Telephone (1939)
Chevrolet Trucks
Chesterfield Cigarettes
Coca Cola (Thirst stops here 1939)
Coca Cola (Christmas 1940)
Coca Cola (Fountain 1939)
Coca Cola (At home 1939)
Cream of Kentucky Bourbon (Normal Rockwell illustration)
Cream of Kentucky Bourbon 2 (Norman Rockwell Illustration)
De Soto (Tyrone Power)
De Soto (1939)
Dr. Miles Nervine
Dr Miles Nervine (wake up with a smile)
Funks Hybrid Corn
General Electric Lamps
General Electric Refrigerator
Gerber's Baby Food
Gold Medal Flour
International Harvester Farmall
John Deere Combines
John Deere Combines (three wheel inline)
John Deere Grinders
Krey Canned Meats
Lucky Strike
Matson Cruise Line
Nash (1939)
Nesbitt Soft Drink
Old Gold Cigarettes (Betty Petty)
Oscar Mayer Wieners
Pullman Rail Cars (1939)
Tide (1954)