Meet some alumni of Ohio University - Zanesville's EM Program.

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Mardy Beeson ('74-'76)

Mardy joined Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta in 1982.  Now a Senior Sound Recordist, Mardy has traveled the globe earning two EMMY nominations, a TELECON and a CEBA award.

Mardy (right) pictured with another O.U. alum, Larry Robertson, filming on location on the island of Malta.

"I loved Zanesville and have really fond memories of my time there. The school was very small, just the one building. Mary Stiers ran the R-TV program, that's what we called it back then. The situation there prepared me for the multi-tasking that is so popular today. I have spent the last 20 years running around the world with a microphone on a stick. My advice to young people - travel, travel, travel. The insight you'll gain from other cultures will make you a more understanding, well rounded, patient person." -Mardy Beeson