Meet some alumni of Ohio University - Zanesville's EM Program.

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Alan Layton ('87-'89)
Alan returned to WHIZ after college for a full-time job, but was soon by recruited other stations. Now he freelances in graphics for CBS Sports (5 seasons), and also for NBC, ABC, FOX and others.

Alan at on the Green Bay Packers' field.

"My resume goes like this: Director at the following...WHIZ, WKEF, WLWT, WCPO, The Daily Buzz (WB Network morning show). Currently I am a freelance graphics operator for CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN and whoever else calls me.  I've done all kinds of sporting events including: The U.S. Open, The Kentucky Derby, AFL Football, The Westminster Dog Show (if you consider it a sport!), bowling, volleyball, golf...any many more! I've had a FANTASTIC time in the television field. I wouldn't change careers for anything and have nothing but positive things to say about it..." -Alan Layton