(Electronic Media Moving Image) 


The Ohio University – Zanesville EMMI Awards are open to all area high school juniors and seniors.  The intent of the EMMI Awards is to recognize excellence in the creation of video, audio, and multimedia projects. There is no charge for submission of materials, and no limit on the number of submissions from each school.




Categories for submissions are: 

  •  Long-form Non-fiction Video:  News packages, newscasts, documentary and other non-fiction works longer than sixty seconds.

  • Short-form Non-fiction Video:  Public Service Announcements or other spots of less than sixty seconds.

  • Long-form Dramatic or Comedy Video:  Works of longer than sixty seconds that are original creations.

  • Music Video:  Any length or musical genre.

  • Short-from Non-musical Audio:  Public Service Announcements or other audio spots of less than sixty seconds.

  • Long-form Non-musical Audio:  Dramatic, Comedy, or non-fiction (newscast, documentary, etc.) audio productions of more than sixty seconds.

  • Musical Audio Recording:  Original musical recordings of any genre.

  • Web-page or Multi-media to Persuade or Sell.

  • Web-page or Multi-media to Inform or Instruct.

  • Web-page or Multi-media to Entertain.

  • Computer animation



EMMI Winners will be announced at the Fourth Annual EMMI Awards Ceremony, which will be held at Ohio University – Zanesville on May 12, 2009.  Winners will be notified in advance of the awards ceremony.  All entrants and the public are invited to attend the EMMI Awards Program. There is no charge to attend the EMMI Awards ceremony and program.  Winning entries will be “screened” at the Awards Program. 

Winners will receive an EMMI Award Statuette.  All EMMI submissions will receive a certificate of submission and nomination from the EMMI Awards Committee. 



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