Complete Rules and Entry Guidelines:


1. The competition is open to all high school junior and senior students who maintained significant control over the content and aesthetics of the submitted program (producing, directing, writing, editing etc.).

2. All productions completed after
August 1, 2008 are eligible.

3. Entrants are allowed only one entry per category, with a maximum of three categories overall.

4. Each entry must be submitted on a separate tape or disk.

5. Each entry should contain no more than a ten-minute excerpt from the work.

6. Each entry must be student produced and must be an original work. Entrants must be, or have been, a high school junior or senior student at the time of the production.

7. Applicants must submit one complete entry form for each entry submitted. A copy of the entry form must be attached or enclosed with the entry and sent directly to the Electronic Media Program EMMI Awards,
Ohio University – Zanesville, 1425 Newark Road, Zanesville, Ohio, 43701.

8. Applicants must submit TWO VHS (NTSC) TAPES (video entries), TWO CD-ROMS (multi-media and web page entries), or TWO AUDIO CDS (audio entries) for each submission. Works in progress are not eligible.


9. WEB sites and Interactive Multimedia projects must be submitted on CD-ROM.


10. Entries in the “news” category may submit up to ten minutes of samples of news features and/or reports.

11. All video entries must be submitted on 1/2 inch VHS (NTSC) only. Send the highest quality dub possible but DO NOT SEND MASTER TAPES OR ORIGINALS. Tapes that are submitted in any other format or are not viewable for any reason will not be accepted into the competition.

12. All tapes and CDs must be clearly labeled with the title of the program, school name, running time, and the applicant's name, address, and telephone number.

13. Entries WILL NOT be returned. The Electronic Media Program or its juries cannot assume liability for damage or loss. All submitted audio, multimedia and videotape materials must be high quality copies. DO NOT send originals, masters, or anything considered one-of-a-kind.

14. If an entity other than the applicant owns the rights to all or part of the submitted program, the applicant must attach written consent from the owner or an authorized representative of the owner to the application.

15. The decision of the judges is final, and winners may not be selected in all categories. Exceptions to the rules and regulations must be authorized by the EMMI Committee.


16. Entries must be received by May 1, 2009 to be eligible for competition. Late entries will not be accepted.

17. A single program (entry) can be entered in ONE CATEGORY ONLY.





1. The submissions will be judged on overall quality, technical execution, effectiveness, and stylistic creativity/originality.

2. Each video will be judged by a jury of Electronic Media faculty, Electronic Media students, and industry professionals.

3. The decision of the judges is final, and winners may not be selected in all categories.

4. Judges disqualify themselves from judging any projects with which they or their school are connected. The alternate judge's scores will replace theirs.

5. Each submission must be received by end of business May 1, 2009.