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Appalachian Treasures Gateway

The Appalachian Treasures Gateway is a directory of sites with content appropriate for research about Appalachian history, culture, physical and social environments, social customs, and images and stereotypes. It also includes links to bibliographies, organizations, events and other gateways focusing on Appalachia.

The site was conceived by the Zanesville Campus Library Director - Shana Fair - in 2002 as an extension of on-going efforts to support instruction on the Zanesville Campus in Appalachian Studies and as an enrichment of the local collection of materials by, for, and about those living in the Appalachian region.

While we realize not everyone will agree with our choices...in the interest of being inclusive, we have included all sites with content that have potential use for research. Work on this project is on-going

Favorably reviewed in Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries (September 2004).


Staffing reductions have delayed maintenance of ATG. This 2006-2007 revision identifies known broken links to the original site, updates web addresses of pages that have migrated, and adds new content for the first time since 2004.