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A portion of the East Tennessee State University site on Appalachia which provides a guide to unpublished manuscript collections housed at ETSU, as well as a brief bibliography focused on the search for social justice and improvement of quality of life in the Appalachian region.

-- Albert Gore Research Center


According to the website, The Gore Biography Project developed from an anonymous donation given to the Albert Gore Research Center to create a scholarly biography of Albert Gore Senior. This site includes photos and descriptions of archival materials housed at the Center.

-- Appalachia in the Making & the First American frontier


Book Review: for combined titles Appalachia in the Making: The Mountain South in the Nineteenth Century and The First American Frontier: Transition to Capitalism in Southern Appalachia, 1700-1860. These reviews by J.W. Williamson appear in the December 1996 issue of Sociological Research Online (Volume 1, No. 4).

--Appalachian Bibliography


Resources for the 1998-1999 Common Book She Walks These Hills by Sharyn McCrumb Legacies, supporting a common reading experience in the 1999-1999 school year among students at Otterbein College.

--Appalachian bibliography and resource guide


Topically arranged list of materials n a variety of formats. Subjects include Religion, Culture, History, Health, Festivals, and Curricula. This material was compiled for A Rites of Passage Program for Adolescent Appalachian Males through Independent Living, sponsored by the Episcopalian Appalachian Ministries.

--Appalachian Stereotypes


This pathfinder developed by Appalachian State University Libraries contains bibliographic information on academic literature about Appalachian stereotypes as well as the popular, non-academic image of the hillbilly. Most of what you find are journal articles.

--Appalachian Studies Association


A "selected bibliography of scholarship on Appalachia", drawn from the much larger Appalachian Studies Association site at East Tennessee State University. It concentrates on works on Appalachia from 1960 to the present, excluding works of fiction.

--Appalachian Studies Bibliography 1994-1999


This is a bibliography of resources pertaining to Appalachia and: Ethnicity & race, African Americans, Immigrants, and Native Americans.

--Appalachian Studies Bibliography Health and Medicine


This is a bibliography of materials appropriate for research about Health and Medicine in Appalachia. It is prepared by West Virginia University Libraries.

--Appalachian Studies Bibliography: Politics and Government 1994-2001


Bibliography of books and articles related to the study of politics in the Appalachian region.

--Appalachian Women


Portion of the site from Eastern Tennessee State University focusing on collections of manuscripts available on women in Appalachia. Also included is a short bibliography of recommended reading.

--Appalachian Women and Traditional Music


Funded by the Appalachian College Association, this bibliography of materials available through 1999 consists of materials about Appalachian women and music. The list includes dissertations, periodicals, a videography and select discography and links to sites on Appalachian music.

--Appalachian Women's Mental and Physical Health: a Pathfinder


This page is a bibliography highlighting appropriate subject headings, books, and indexes for locating information on the topic of women's mental and physical health.

--Archives of Appalachia


This site catalogs the various specialized Appalachia collections housed at Eastern Tennessee State University. The sites are sorted into broad categories and are searchable using the Google search engine. These are descriptions only and do not contain full text.

--Authorized to Heal: Gender, Class, and the Transformation of Medicine in Appalachia 1880-1930


Book Review: for Authorized to Heal: Gender, Class, and the Transformation of Medicine in Appalachia. The book explores the transition of medical practice in Appalachia from traditional practices to formal medical institution.

--Barbara Straus Reed Collection


This page contains details about the Barbara Straus Reed Collection which consists of summary data on Jews in southeastern Ohio, a paper on the migration of Jewish settlers into southeastern Ohio, typescript summaries of interviews with Jewish residents of southeastern Ohio and biographies of early Jewish families in the region. The collection is arranged with the summary materials first, followed by the individual interview summaries, conducted in 1979, placed in alphabetical order.

--Bert T Combs Collection


The collection consists of over 130 boxes of papers, photographs, and audio-visual recordings. This collection primarily documents Combs' term as Governor of Kentucky from 1959-1963, but also covers, to a lesser extent, his other political activities as well.

--Bibliography of Tennessee Local History Sources


Produced by the Tennessee State Library and Archives, this is the result of a project of the Tennessee Library Bicentennial Committee (TLBC) in late 1994. It was compiled by and for Tennessee public librarians, in honor of Tennessee's bicentennial celebration.

--Cass Family Business Collection


List of materials available in the Cass Family Business Collection in the Archives of Appalachia at East Tennessee State University. The collection records and papers cover the period 1891-1925. Included are financial records from the East Tennessee Medical Company.

--Children's Literature that Reflects Appalachian Culture


Authored by a literacy specialist at Western Kentucky University. This is strictly a bibliography of Appalachian-related children's literature. The site does not recommend any of the titles over the others, but each title does have a link to the reviews at Amazon.com.

--Coal Mining


Section of larger site hosted by Archives of Appalachia provides bibliography of primary materials housed at East Tennessee State University.

--Contemporary Folk Painting in Appalachia - A pathfinder


Provided by Appalachian State University Libraries, this pathfinder points to research materials for folk painting in the Appalachian Region. Most useful as a bibliography.



Focus is mainly on Appalachian women musicians, and includes a bibliography, discography and selected links arranged in topic areas. The author is an academic historian and musician whose focus is women in the Appalachian region.

--EbscoWeb Multiple Database Search - variety of subjects


This bibliography contains links to searches on a variety of subjects for the following Ebsco databases: Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, Health Source - Consumer Edition, Health Source - Nursing/Academic Edition, Newspaper Source, and Professional Development Collection.

--Education in Appalachia


Bibliography of primary documents and suggested readings on education in Appalachia. All materials owned by East Tennessee State University.

--Folk Healing in Southern Appalachia


A pathfinder prepared by Appalachian State University Libraries which focuses mainly on sources concerned with religious and magical healing but does not exclude general overviews of herbal remedies.

--Guide to the Archival Collections, of Allara Library, Pikeville College, Pikeville, Kentucky


Archives include census reports, family histories, county records, photographs, maps, military and civil war records, diaries, letters, and microfilm of three local newspapers - Big Sandy News, 1885-1925, Pike County News, 1925-1979, and Appalachian News-Express, 1981-present.

--Guide to the Emily C. Prudden Collection 1840-1996, Collection Number Mss 19971


Provided by the G.A. Pfeiffer Library, Mary Fisher Floyd Archives & Special Collections, the Emily C. Prudden Collection documents the life, career, and posthumous recognition of the founder of Pfeiffer University. The collection includes research on Prudden and materials supplied by his family to the archive.

--Inventory of the Artus Moser Papers, 1921-1988, Collection Number 20005


Provided by the Manuscripts Department, Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, this inventory of papers includes information about Appalachian traditions and way of life, folklore, collected stories, general information about the region.

--John A Jones Collection


List of materials available in the John A Jones Collection in the Archives of Appalachia at East Tennessee State University. The collection consists of ninety-three almanacs and thirty-four scrapbooks. The almanacs were published from 1849 to 1929, by a number of publishers.



Bibliography of archival and primary resource materials about labor in Appalachia provided by the Archives of Appalachian located at East Tennessee State University.

--Lancaster Lateral Canal Company Ledger


This page contains details about the Lancaster Lateral Canal Company Ledger housed by the Robert E. and Jean R. Mahn Center for archives & Special Collections of the Ohio University Libraries. The Lancaster Lateral Canal Company covers a period of 15 years.

--Migration from Appalachia: Central Appalachians in Midwestern Cities


Pathfinder from Appalachian State University for resources about Central Appalachians in Midwestern Cities.

--Migration, Population, Urban Appalachians 1994-2001


Bibliography with resources in various formats without annotation provided by the University of West Virgina for Appalachian Studies.

--Murder in the Southern Appalachians - a pathfinder


This document is intended to be used as an introduction to the literature about murder in the Southern Appalachian mountains. It was created for Appalachian State University Libraries.

--Nelsonville Foundry and Machine Company Collection


This page contains details about the Nelsonville Foundry and Machine Company Collection which contains correspondence, ledgers, daybooks, orderbooks, blueprints and miscellaneous files. The Nelsonville Foundry and Machine Company manufactured mining equipment and machinery, and was a major distributor throught Ohio and the Midwest. The company played a major part in the Hocking Valley region during the era when coal mining was at its peak.

--Non-Mining Protest and Resistance Movements in Appalachia: A Pathfinder


Bibliography highlighting appropriate subject headings, books and indexes for locating information on the topic of politics.

--Norbert F. Riedl Collection 1965-1975


This site indexes the collection of documents of Norbert F. Riedl housed at the Special Collections Library of the University of Tennessee. Austrian born Riedl came to the United States in 1956 and in 1962 accepted a post as professor in the Department of Anthropology at University of Tennessee. He was a student of the folk culture of Southern Appalachia. His collection contains research files on topics such as architecture, clothing and costume, cockfighting, food and cooking, games and recreation, legends, medicines and remedies etc.

--Pitts Theology Library Archives and Manuscripts Department container list for Earl D. C. Brewer


Listing of primary source documents contained in the Archives and Manuscripts Dept of Pitts Theology Library. Papers written by Brewer including sermons, lectures, research papers and studies. He was an NC minister, a professor at Emory University and Director of Research in Religion of South Appalachian Studies in 1958-59.

--Politics and Political Collections - East Tennessee State University, Archives of Appalachia


Brief bibliography of materials from ETSU's Archives of Appalachia on the topic of politics. Includes names of primary source documents, photographic collections, and brief but general list of books and periodicals.

--Regional Research Institute Research Projects: Appalachian Economic and Social Development


Site offers abstracts of research projects funded by the Research Institute. Completed projects include A Socioeconomic Assessment of Contemporary Appalachia, Marketing and Production Networks in Rural Appalachia: Linking Gender, Space, and Place, and Transformation of the Appalachian Countryside: Railroads, Timbering, and Deforestation in West Virginia, 1880-1930.

--Research Aids


Pathfinder list by Appalachian State University Libraries. The Pathfinders included on this page were compiled by graduate students in the class, AS 5000: Appalachian Research and Bibliography (1997-present). These Pathfinders vary in quality.

--Robert Bell Collection


List of materials available in the Robert Bell Collection in the Archives of Appalachia at East Tennessee State University. The collection contains photographs depicting a variety of topics, a home remedy book, photocopies of family history information, and newspaper clippings.

--Selling Tradition: Appalachia and the Construction of an American Folk


Book Review: for Selling Tradition: Appalachia and the Construction of an American Folk, 1930-1940. The book explores the transition of Appalachian craft production to craft production as an Appalachian commodity and the impact of this development on the region.

--Subject and Keyword Searches in OU on-line book catalog (Alice) and OhioLink central catalog


This page is a list of canned searches by keyword or subject area which may be useful for Appalachian studies and research. The searches return lists of titles available at the Zanesville Campus Library or among OhioLink member libraries. Members of the community will need to request identified materialas by interlibrary loan services through their local libraries, or visit the individual locations indicated to view identified materials.