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--Children's Literature that Reflects Appalachian Culture


Authored by a literacy specialist at Western Kentucky University. This is strictly a bibliography of Appalachian-related children's literature. The site does not recommend any of the titles over the others, but each title does have a link to the reviews at Amazon.com.

--Coal Black Voices


This web site contains resources to be used in conjunction with the Wexner production Coal Black Voices, a documentary produced by Jean Donohue and Fred Johnson. The documentary is a glimpse of life in the American Black South and Appalachian region given through images, poetry and story telling by the Affrilachian Poets.

--Culture Watch: Poets Turned Prophets


This article by Elizabeth Newberry, editorial assistant of Sojourner was published in Volume 29, issue 5 of Sojourners Magazine: Culture Watch describes the birth and genesis of the group of writers who call themselves Affrilachian. Please note that free registration is now required to view the article from the publisher’s website.

--Faculty Profile: Victoria Purcell-Gates Explores the World of Low Literacy


Highlights the author of Other People's Words and her work with Urban Appalachians.

--James Still Homepage


This site contains links to works of and articles about James Still. It includes autobiographical material, an article announcing his death published in the Louisville Courier-Journal and links to sources of critical and biographical material. Also included is information about special collections of primary documents.

--Jeanne Bryner & Megan England


Transcription of an interview with the authors at the 2003 Women of Appalachia Conference in Zanesville Ohio.

--Kiki DeLancey


Transcription of an interview with the author at the 2003 Women of Appalachia Conference in Zanesville Ohio.

--KYIT: Harriette Arnow


This is a student paper by Catherine Jaley Allameh written as part of the requirements for a class. It provides biographical information about Harriette Simpson Arnow. Bibliography is included.

--Nancy Jentsch


Transcription of an interview with the author at the 2003 Women of Appalachia Conference in Zanesville Ohio.

--News of the Spirit by Lee Smith


Information about the book entitled News of the Spirit by Lee Smith. Included are discussion questions, a bio of the author, an interview with the author and an excerpt.

--Re-Envisioning Regionalism: Harriette Simpson Arnow's The Kentucky Trace


This is an article by Charlotte Haines of the University of Massachusetts published in Border States: Journal of the Kentucky-Tennessee American Studies Association, No 8 (1991). It is a discussion of the content of writings by Harriette Simpson Arnow. Bibliography is included.

--Robert Morgan Interview


Ron Hogan interview for BookSense of author Robert Morgan. Morgan discusses personal experiences involving Appalachian women who have since become the basis for characters in his books.