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--Alvin C. York


Site is produced and maintained by the SEARGENT YORK PATRIOTIC FOUNDATION. The foundation is committed to gathering, preserving and presenting materials of historical interest about this WW1 hero. While areas of the site are under construction (or reconstruction) there are already a variety of worthwhile materials or links including bibliographies, Seargent York's diary (transcribed into an HTML document), a brief chronology of his life and images.

--Detailed biography of Homer Hickam


This page is the detailed biography of Homer Hickam, one of the real life Rocket Boys turned author. The Rocket Boys section contains information about the other members of the group including pictures. Site includes resources for students, teachers and links to interviews with Homer.

--Floyd Collins Web Page


This site is a mish-mash of materials relating to Floyd Collins or events pertaining to Floyd Collins. However, a thorough perusal of the page provides a lot of information about the Floyd Collins story. Collins was a caver who was trapped for over 2 weeks and died in a caving accident. It includes a bibliography, an image of Floyd's death certificate and links to images of news articles about the incident (useful for seeing headlines) in addition to the text of song and poems.

--Life and adventures of Wilburn Waters


Full text of the life of Wilburn Waters, a White Top Mountain hunter and trapper titled Life and adventures of Wilburn Waters and originally published in 1878, by Abington Virginian editor Charles B. Coale. Hosting site provided and maintained by Jeffrey C. Weaver.

--Mountain Home National Cemetery, Mountain Home, Washington County, Tennessee


Full text records of the Mountain Home National Cemetery burial records provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as of July 2, 2000. The list covers only those on file with the VA and is, therefore, not complete.

--Simon Kenton Frontiersman


This site is produced and miantained by Frontier Folk Org. It contains information about a famous frontiersman from Kentucky named Simon Kenton, friend of Daniel Boone. Site includes a bio with links to additional information. Images are included of the Kenton genealogy (also available in text form). A link to a Kenton Database is provided as well as links to related information.