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--An account of Virginia : its scituation, temperature, productions, inhabitants and their manner of planting and ordering tobacco


--A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia


Full text by Thomas Harliot on the English Settlement of Roanoake in Virginia, first published in 1590 to encourage exploitation of the territory of Virginia.


-- Calendar of Virginia state papers and other manuscripts


Full text of the 4th volume of miscellaneous government documents issued by the State of Virginia, presented in chronological order between 1785 to 1789. From Google Scholar.


--Christoph von Graffenried's account of the founding of New Bern


Complete text and translation of the writings of the founder of New Bern, North Carolina. Part of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Docsouth collection of full-text primary source materials.

--Chronicles of border warfare, or, a history of the settlement by the whites, of north-western Virginia


Stands behind Western European acquisitions by conquest, invoking atrocities in detail to justify reprisals. Editorial notes correct factual errors and enlarge on the text in many cases. Published in 1895. From Google Scholar.


--Documenting the American South (DocSouth): Primary Resources for the study of Southern History, Literature, and Culture


Docsouth combines full-text primary source materials in a variety of formats, grouping them into themed “collections” on topics such as History, Literature, and the African-American experience in the US South.

--Discovery of New Brittaine


Originally published in 1650, this document describes travel and customs of peoples living in what would become modern North Carolina.


-- History of Seventh Day Baptists in West Virginia: including the Woodbridgetown and Salemville churches in Pennsylvania and the Shrewsbury church in New Jersey.


Covers the migration and history of the denomination from Wales to West Virginia, from the 1905 book by Corliss Fitz Randolph. Includes maps, portraits, photographs, tombstone inscriptions, and errata. From Google Scholar.

-- Loyal West Virginia from 1861 to 1865: With an Introductory Chapter on the Status of Virginia


An early history of the Appalachian state, complete in one volume, by Theodore E. Lang in 1895, with portraits and maps. From Google Scholar.

-- Miscellaneous papers, 1672-1865, now first printed from the manuscript in the collections of the Virginia Historical Society


Full text of the 6th volume of miscellaneous documents collected by the Society. In this volume: Selections cover a range of dates and include; Charter of the Royal African Company, 1672; Report on the Huguenot Settlement, 1700; Papers of George Gilmer, 1775-1778; Orderly book of Captain George Stubblefield, 1776; Career of the Iron-Clad Virginia, 1862; Memorial of Johnson’s Island, 1862-4; Beale’s Calvary Brigade Patrol, 1865. From Google Scholar.

-- Statutes at large; being a collection of all the laws of Virginia, from the first session of the Legislature in the year 1619


Full text of state laws enacted by Virginia between 1792 and 1806. From Google Scholar.


--Westover manuscripts containing The history of the dividing line betwixt Virginia and North Carolina


Complete text of a book compiling early narratives on Virginia by William Byrd. Part of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Docsouth collection of full-text primary source materials.