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--Appalachia -- Science in the Public Interest


An environmental conservation and advocacy group focusing on underserved populations in Appalachia, this site offers promotional publications and celebrates achievements of the organization.

--Central and Southern Appalachia: Balancing Many Demands


Article from Acclimations, November-December 1999. It is written by Trina Karolchik Wafle, William T. Peterjohn from West Virginia University. It is an assessment of potential consequences of climate variability and change in Appalachia.

--Coal Resource Assessments in the Northern and Central Appalachian Coal Region


This fact sheet is an assessment of coal resources in the northern and central Appalachian coal regions. Attention is given to the decline in available coal resources due to heavy mining in this region.

-- U.S. Geological Survey Programs in West Virginia


This fact sheet details some of the programs and activities of the USGS in West Virginia.

--USGS Science for a Changing World


This fact sheet is about the USGS programs which are focused on Hazards, Resources, Environment, and Information Management. The aim of the programs are to provide for wise use of water resources.