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--Appalachian Midwife


Essay by Russel Carlson is part of a larger site hosted by Virginia Tech consisting of informative papers about Appalachian writers. It is about midwives in Appalachia and is offered as an illumination of the midwife persona which narrates Mildred Haun's short story Melungeon-Colored. It discusses the role and work of midwives and contains a bibliography.

--Black Folk Medicine in Southern Appalachia


This is a thesis presented to the faculty of the department of sociology at East Tennessee State University by Steven Crowder, May, 2001. It is an exploration of existing informal health care beliefs and practices of blacks in Southern Appalachia compared with the majority white population.

--Folk Medical Lexicon


A portion of "Folk Medical Lexicon of South central Appalachia, 1990" posted with permission from History of Medicine Society of Appalachia, Medical Library, PO Box 23290A, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN 37614. It provides an alphabetized listing of words and phrases and a description of how they are used.

--Folk Medicine


Article by Peggy Fisher, a home health care nurse in Glasgow WV working on her BSN. This article is historical and anecdotal look at folk medicine in Appalachia. Includes bibliography.

--Mountain Healing


No citations or references to sources. This is a brief look at medicinal plants in the Appalachian region by Reverend Charles Dickson, Ph.D. Dr. Dickson is a college chemistry instructor, Lutheran pastor and author of the book, "A Protestant Pastor Looks at Mary".

--Online Archive of American Folk Medicine


Online version of University of California folklorist Wayland D. Hand’s project to systematically document folk and alternative medical beliefs and practices, which includes materials relevant to the Appalachian region.