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-- Appalachia Hollow Promises


This site sponsored by the Columbus Dispatch Newspaper features a series of 5 articles about the war on poverty in Appalachia. It includes links for continuing coverage. The articles were based on a telephone poll conducted by Center for Survey Research in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Ohio State University, involved interviews with 2482 randomly selected residents of Appalachia.

--Appalachian Regional Commission


Site of the federal-state partnership commission for the people of Appalachia, mainly aimed at economic development for an improved proved quality of life.

-- Appalachia's War


Article published on Post-Gazette.com, the interactive edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sunday, November 26, 2000 by Diana Nelson Jones, Post-Gazette Staff Writer with Photos by Steve Mellon, Post-Gazette Staff Photographer. A series of 3 articles detail what they found during a visit to Appalachia 35 years after President Johnson began his War on Poverty.

--Burning Issue


Full text article about use of coal as an energy source and the need to reduce toxic emissions resulting from coal combustion. Published in the Spring/Summer 1999 issue of Perspectives: Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity at Ohio University.



A searchable repository of Economics research papers maintained by University of Connecticut professor Christian Zimmermann. Use keyword terms to locate Appalachian region-related materials.

-- Kentucky Coal Education Web Site


Extensive site with all types of information about Kentucky coal (historical and modern), teacher resources, and primary and extrapolated data. Funded by the Kentucky foundation.



Bibliography of archival and primary resource materials about labor in Appalachia provided by the Archives of Appalachian located at East Tennessee State University.

--Lancaster Lateral Canal Company Ledger


This page contains details about the Lancaster Lateral Canal Company Ledger housed by the Robert E. and Jean R. Mahn Center for archives & Special Collections of the Ohio University Libraries. The Lancaster Lateral Canal Company covers a period of 15 years, 1839 - 1845. The ledger contains 167 pages of accounts of shipments on various canal boats. The majority of shipments are from Lancaster to Cleveland and/or Lancaster to Portsmouth.

--Logging and Lumbering


From the Archives of Appalachia, an article dealing with logging and lumbering in Appalachia includes a suggested reading list and other resources on the topic. Also includes a photographic archive.

--Nelsonville Foundry and Machine Company Collection


This page contains details about the Nelsonville Foundry and Machine Company Collection which contains correspondence, ledgers, daybooks, orderbooks, blueprints and miscellaneous files. The Nelsonville Foundry and Machine Company manufactured mining equipment and machinery, and was a major distributor throughout Ohio and the Midwest. The company played a major part in the Hocking Valley region during the era when coal mining was at its peak.

-- Non-Timber Forest Product Marketing Systems and Market Players in Southwest Virginia


This link is to chapters of a thesis presented to the faculty of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University by Sarah Marsden Greene, January 30, 1998. A study utilizing direct interviews with market players at various levels in marketing chains in Non-timber forest products (NTFP's) to determine what marketing systems are being used.

-- North Carolina Moonshine: a survey of moonshine culture 1900-1930


Site by University of North Carolina graduate students, covering how moonshine was made, drunk, and sold. Includes a bibliography, photos, and both audio and video clips.

--Papers From the ASU Ethnographic Field School in Southern Appalachia


This site is an e-book available through the Anthropology department of the Appalachian State University. Its contents are primarily documents/studies about economic conditions in Appalachia and the impact on people living in the region.

--Razing Appalachia


Full text article published July/August 1999 in Mother Jones Magazine. Site includes invitation to subscribe to paper issue.

--Social Control, Social Displacement and Coal Mining in the Cumberland Plateau, 1880-1930


Full text article by Dr. James B. Jones Jr, Public historian for the Tennessee Historical Commission. He holds a doctorate in historical and historical preservation from Middle Tennessee State University.

-- U.S. Coal Industry in the 1990's: Low Prices and Record Production


Government report produced by the Energy Information Administration. Report contains information and statistics about coal industry in Appalachia.

--Women's Labor History


Part of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Union site. Includes a set of links to other appropriate sites, such as the complete test of The Autobiography of Mother Jones, and a book on Fannie Sellins, a famous labor organizer killed during a coal mine strike.