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--Cancer Death Rates--- Appalachia, 1994—1998


This is a report from the Center for Disease Control Weekly June 21, 2002 51(24) 527-529. It was prepared by various health professionals and academicians. It includes a list of references, statistical tables, etc.

--Cultural Diversity: Eating in America, Appalachia


Full Text of an Ohio State University Extension Fact sheet on food habits and dietary guidelines for the Appalachian region.

--Rehabilitation counseling in Appalachian America


Full text article by Bauer and Growick with references overviews challenges to service providers who wish to understand the context of people in the region. Includes ads.

--Uneasy Tensions in Health Care Delivery in a Rural Appalachian Coal Mining Community: Envisioning alternative Solutions


Full-text of a 196-page dissertation by Renee Gravois Lee submitted June, 1996 to the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.