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A portion of the East Tennessee State University site on Appalachia which provides a guide to unpublished manuscript collections housed at ETSU, as well as a brief bibliography focused on the search for social justice and improvement of quality of life in the Appalachian region.

-- Appalachia mining proposal draws fire


Elizabeth Shogren article published in Seattle Times on May 30, 2003. This article is a representative piece highlighting conflict between federal policymakers and environmental groups on regional mining. Please note this content has been moved to an archive requiring free registration to access.

--Appalachian HIDTA


Acronym for High Intensity Drug Traffic Area, this government site highlights efforts in rural counties of Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia at interdiction, investigation, eradication, and prosecution related to drug offenses.

-- Appalachia's new cottage industry


Article by Patrik, Jonsson published in Christian science Monitor on March 21, 2003. The article compares production and use of Meth to the practice of moonshining.

--Class Resurrection: The Poor People's Campaign of 1968 and Resurrection City


From the 1998 issue of the University of Virginia's Essays in History online graduate-student journal, this article by Robert T. Chase dissects the failure of the PPC. The article highlights concerns and involvements of varying PCC constituencies, including Appalachians.

--Just Connections: Communities and Colleges working to invigorate Grassroots Democracy in Appalachia


Advocacy site affiliated with the Appalachian College Association, this organization takes on social science projects like gathering oral histories and conducting surveys; these community-based research efforts are undertaken on the basis of locally perceived need.

--President Clinton’s New Market Tour: Appalachia


This archived site, originally part of the Clinton administration White House page, reveals perceptions of policy makers about the region in 1999.