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--Appalachian Women Rising Up


Article by Meredith Dean, the executive director of Appalachian Women's Alliance Published in the May 2001 Newsletter for Resist Inc (A Call to Resist Illegitimate Authority). Describes the experiences of Appalachian Women's Caravan, a movement by the Appalachian Women's Alliance to confront violence in women's lives.

--Domestic Violence and Pregnancy in Rural West Virginia


Published results of a study performed by a staff at a rural health clinic in response to a seemingly increased rate of reports of domestic violence in their pregnant population. The purpose of this pilot study was to determine the incidence of domestic violence in pregnant patients residing in a rural area of West Virginia, and to describe the demographic characteristics of those abused women. The medical records of 63 pregnant women at a rural health clinic were reviewed. Published in Volume 1 Issue 3 of Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care.

--Violence Against Women


True story from a safe house in rural Appalachia which demonstrates what many women fear and some face when a horror movie turns real. This article was published in San Francisco Charismatics, the monthly faith publication of the Archdiocese of San Francisco dated June 2001.

-- West Virgina River Trek


An anecdotal description of a tour to take in various mounds in West Virginia by Bob Tarte, writer for the Technobeat column.