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--'Invisible minority' overcomes stereotypes, embraces origins


Associated Press article by Lisa Cornwell dated February 13, 2003 publised under various titles in various publications. Published in the Cincinnati Enquirer on February 17, 2003. This article highlights the struggles of Urban Appalachians and the work of the Urban Appalachian Council (UAC).

--Migration from Appalachia: Central Appalachians in Midwestern Cities


Pathfinder from Appalachian State University for resources about Central Appalachians in Midwestern Cities.

--Migration, Population, Urban Appalachians 1994-2001


Bibliography with resources in various formats without annotation provided by the University of West Virgina for Appalachian Studies.

--Urban Appalachian Council marks 25 years


Article by Mark Curnutte published in the Cincinnati Enquirer on October 24, 1999. The article focuses on work by the Urban Appalachian Council (UAC) to address prejudice in the urban education of displaced Appalachians.