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--General Resources for Images and Stereotypes:

--Appalachian Culture and Economic Development


This paper by Ronald L. Lewis (Professor of American History at West Virginia University) and Dwight B Billings (Associate director of the Appalachian Center and Professor of Sociology at University of Kentucky) examines commonly held beliefs about the impact of mountain culture deficiencies on the economic conditions in Appalachia and assesses how well existing evidence supports these notions.

--Appalachian Focus: Presentation


Speaker: Appalachian stereotypes imposed from outside. Article by Buddy Harris - Athens News Contributor - News story about a presentation given by speaker Terry Kessinger at the conference for the Essentially Appalachian Network.

--Appalachian Women


Portion of the site from Eastern Tennessee State University focusing on collections of manuscripts available on women in Appalachia. Also included is a short bibliography of recommended reading.

--Big Stink over CBS hillbilly reality series


Article published in Media Life Magazine January 7, 2003. Written by Heidi Vogt. This article is about the protest conducted by the Center for Rural Strategies.

--Children of Appalachia: Deliverance from Stereotypes


Highlights from a conference presentation by Elizabeth Dotson and Claire M. Waldron at Radford University, focusing on Appalachian dialect and the prejudices it can generate. Includes a bibliography.

--Crafting Appalachian Identity: Regional Handicrafts and the Politics of Culture


Full text research article published in the Penn History Review: Journal for Undergraduate Historians, Spring 1997. Paper by Lauren Coats, discusses the development and definition of Appalachian Identity and how local craft traditions have contributed to the conceptualization of Appalachia.

--Hill of Beans: Reality is Optional


This article is from the Vol.15 Iss.36 2002 of New York Press. It is written by Christopher Caldwell, a contributing writer and it is an opinion piece.

--Linguist Finds Dialect A-Flourishin' in Appalachia


News article from the New York Times by Francis X Clines dated Feb 7, 2000. An 8th grade teacher provides a lesson encouraging students to indulge their "holler" talk without guilt.

--Real Beverly Hillbillies Links


This is a meta site collection of links to news articles about the controversy surrounding the Real Beverly Hillbillies show concept.